Lego building

As our children go back to school next month, it’s natural to question to what degree do their activities assist their development. The positive benefits of childrens’ building products, like Lego, is incalculable. From learning design skills and construction theories, problem solving, tactile development…the list goes on.

Lego now allows you to download it’s Lego Digital Design Software for FREE, yes FREE! Your child (or you) can now create anything using virtual Lego bricks right on your computer.

Even if you have a complete Lego set at home and have been building for some time now, this allows your child to sketch to his/her hearts content and troubleshoot in a virtual environment. When done with a new virtual project, Lego Digital Designer will print out an inventory to list out your materials or simply to purchase the pieces you don’t have and then create, create, create!

Happy Building!


(FYI…a great article on the benefits of Lego play on children with autism can be found HERE)


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