Creative Galaxy

So much media & not enough quality programming? Amazon Studios is lending a hand here.

They have chosen to let YOU decide what shows get green lit for production!

Pilots are now available on Amazon Instant Video for parents to review & comment on, essential to the decision making process.


As I discussed in my earlier post, Amazon Studios Greenlights Kids’ Arts Pilot, two of my pilots ( Creative Galaxy and Sara Solves It) were also chosen by Amazon Studios to be among those viewed programs.


Here’s a little bit about each:

Creative Galaxy

Creative Galaxy

An animated, interactive art, adventure series, designed to inspire kids’ creative thinking through crafts, story, music and dance.

Amazon Studios

Sara Solves It

Sara Solves It is about create a strong female role model, Sara, who uses math to solve mysteries with her little brother, Sam.  Together, Sara and Sam explore their world on the look out for mysteries..math mysteries!

Please check out the shows at Amazon Studios and if you’d like Creative Galaxy, Sara Solves It or BOTH to be produced for your kids, please comment at the bottom of the Amazon Studios page!

(NOTE:  Both videos are works in progress – colored storyboards of sketches that tell the story with voice overs and minimal music & art)


I would love to continue to do what I  do, to make shows for your kids that educate make them giggle and for them to be a part of the story.