It’s interesting how different we all are. Even members of our own family…while we might have similar characteristics, I’m often a step away from needing to see papers that we’re actually blood related at times. Sure things get heated from time to time as a result of this. But at a family function two weeks ago, a line was crossed.

Our meatballs were judged!

Attack me. Attack my longer than typical suburban length hair. But stay out of an Italian’s cooking panache. At least, it was finally ALL out in the open: my wife’s cousin uses 3 types of meat, my sister-in-law uses far too many eggs than I would dare say and we…well, we…we use…ground oats instead of breadcrumbs (with a yeast allergy being so easily dismissed by all)!

What can a person do, but setup an old Sicilian Meatball Throwdown?! Oh, it’s happening at our house tomorrow alright!

Six Italians:1 Kitchen. Stay tuned for how we fared & we’ll give you the winner’s recipe for the finest meatball on Monday.