O the Owl is a precocious preschooler with an endless supply of information. He is always on the lookout for something “nifty galifty” to learn! This week, we’re bringing you a behind-the-scenes look at the talented voice actor who brings this character to life. Meet Stuart Ralston! 


Hoo Hoo, hello, Stuart! How old are you and where are you from?

Hi there! I am 10 years old and I live in Toronto, Ontario..That’s in Canada!


How are you similar to O the Owl?

I relate to O the Owl because I happen to love everything about owls. Way back when I heard about the part I was auditioning for, I thought that was such a coincidence! I think they are such beautiful creatures and very interesting to learn about. Also, I love reading books. I read a lot and read quite fast. That’s another similar thing about me and O. I enjoy learning about new things.

Daniel Tiger

If O the Owl could do anything or go anywhere in the next episode, what would you want it to be?

If O the Owl could go anywhere in the next episode I would make him go to the forest. Maybe a hike with all his friends for them to appreciate the nature all around them. And to learn about sticking together so they don’t get lost.


What’s your favorite book?

My favorite book series that I have read would be either “Guardians of Ga’hoole” (all about OWLS!!) or the series “Warriors”. “Warriors” is about cats, just so you know – another animal of many that I really like a lot.

When you’re not in the studio recording, what’s your favorite activity?

When I’m not in the studio recording, I like to down hill ski with my friends and family at our little family ski club north of Toronto. I enjoy ice skating outdoors down by the lakeshore, swimming, taking piano lessons, horseback riding lessons, track and field events like 100m/ the relay and long jump, and the talent show at my junior school.

I like going out to interesting restaurants with my Mom, Dad and brother. I’m crazy about good food!!! I eat everything (but cheese and the yolk of an egg). I also I love to travel…anywhere!  My family has gone to many different interesting places for work and vacations. Oh, and recently I have just begun to write my first novel. I have always wanted to do that. O the Owl Sml

Stuart Ralston got his start in acting after appearing in an episode of Life with Derek at the tender age of three, playing the son of his real life father.  Since that time he’s become involved in school performances, voiced commercials and most recently animation.

Another little fact about Stuart is that he is currently planning a trip to Mountsberg Raptor Conservation Centre this summer where he’ll learn to care for birds of prey.  It’s not surprising that Stuart is thrilled to be cast as Owl in Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  All this for a 9 year old.  Not bad!