You know that first moment when you knew you were going to marry the boy you were dating?  My moment was when I saw Greg hold his sister’s newborn daughter, Morgan.  As soon as we heard she was born, we drove five hours non-stop from DC, in our senior year of college.  We got to the hospital right after visiting hours, but rather than listen to the nurse, we did what any 20yr old would do and hid in the bathroom until the nurses left.  And then we met Morgan.

She was five hours old, all of 5 lbs and had long chicken legs that she refused to keep under the blanket.  Greg scooped her up and talked with her about how happy he was to meet her.  I swear Morgan smiled right at him and we both melted.   We have watched Morgan grow and have enjoyed her every step of the way.  Her many first words, her silly faces, her love of ice cream and corn on the cob.  We were there on her first day of kindergarten and coincidently my first day of graduate school.  And now….she has graduated college!    

It’s one of those milestones in life when everyone needs to stop their crazy busy lives, travel to Rhode Island and spend the day celebrating someone they love.  Even our niece flew in from New Orleans to be there.  I was so proud. We played the game, “One of the many things I love about Morgan is…” and everyone had amazing things to say…. Her smile, her creativity, her sense of humor.  But her mom said it best, “Morgan is the type of girl that crawls into your heart and you never let go”.  I firmly believe that life is all about stopping to celebrate and to tell and show people, while they are still here, how you feel about them.

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Anna Quindlen recently reflected on parenting. She reminded us to stay in the moment and not get burdened by all the things we “have” to do. The dishes can stay in the dishwasher .  But traveling 5 hrs to meet the baby that will stay in your heart forever and being there when she graduates college is what life is all about.  Congratulations, Morgan!  I’m so proud of you!


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