Bloggers, Mammas, Movers, Shakers, and Awe-Inspiring Change Makers. From the 10 Year Anniversary of Mom 2.0 Summit one thing is clear…The Future is Female. 


From meeting the inspiring rockstar that is Brene Brown who dared us to DARE GREATLY, meeting the the lovely Katie from @amotherthing and Michelle from @amodernmomlife to talk about my book Preschool Clues, to sharing the stage with my bestie and co-creator of Blue’s Clues, Traci Paige Johnson and talking about the No-Guilt Screen Time Solution: How to approach screen time to create a healthy media diet for kids. 

I was thrilled to be asked to cover this topic because there’s a lot of concern – and guilt – about screen time. Should preschoolers be using and watching screens at all? What about school-aged children? How can busy parents be sure their kids are getting the right doses of healthy media instead of being exposed to all of the negative influence that many of us fear? This is still such uncharted territory for most parents and an area where many are yearning to be better informed. Both my session and new book, Preschool Clues focus on when, where and how it’s okay for young children to spend time on screens; how to offer a media diet that stimulates their brain growth; and how to connect screens, playtime and home.  Mom-2.0

I LOVED getting to talk to such an inspired and engaged group of ladies at my session, digging in and talking about the things that matter most… our kids! I have a couple of pieces from the event here! So please, join on it the conversation! 

The BEST part though, meeting the stellar ladies at the conference, being surrounding by moms and women who care was surreal. I mean, look at this picture- that smile! – I couldn’t have been happier getting to know these women making their mark on the world and supporting one another!

Congratulations again to our Preschool Clues book winners from the conference: Angela Ricardo, Scherrie D, Shell Feis, Jen Rabulan-Bertram and Roketa Dumas! And thanks to everyone that entered to win!

So what’s from here? I am totally inspired and motivated to DARE GREATLY and will continue to change the world for kids one show at a time – but I want to ask you how I can best share the amazing messaging inside Preschool Clues and each and every one of my shows with YOU. More video messages? Breaking down the “Clues”? Bringing Preschool Clues to your city? Shout it out! 

Feel free to reach out to me or sIgn up for my Newsletter to continue this journey together! 


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