Manners Excuse me, but with everyone’s lives so incredibly hurried and full, it’s often the little gestures and niceties that are sometimes neglected. Especially in this age of technology, it’s easy for one’s tone or style to seem less personable or to be more blunt…rude. For reasons like these, I spoke with Anna Post, the great, great grandaughter of Emily Post – the queen of social etiquette.

This week, I’ll present these in a 3 part series because PBS Parents and I wanted to share all of this applicable information with you. We discussed the real need for rules for both kids and parents, the great importance of modeling here and some major no-no’s. And in regard to our children, there’s a HUGE respect factor here that we should really be aware of. And to be honest, a fair amount of the faux-pas or concerns, addressed in these installments, I hadn’t even considered myself.


PBS Parents’ The Parent Show with Angela Santomero:

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 1

Pardon My Parenting: Episode 2