Right after the emotional Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Breakfast, we were all whisked away to attend the PBS Kids Session.

I was humbled when asked to present with the Rock Stars of PBS Kids:  Lesli Rotenberg, Linda Simensky and Sara DeWitt.

There, I revealed more about myself, tried not to cry & presented the show’s curriculum & it’s importance for today’s children.

The best part?  I got to walk over center stage to interview Dr. Aisha White Oprah style. PBS Kids

Dr. White, in her own words, let everyone know that many children (& many adults) don’t learn how to deal with their emotions.  You might know some adults like this, right?

Not having coping skills to deal with everyday problems (cooperation, sharing, resilience, persistence) will undoubtedly have negative effects on children later in life

This has been my mantra while writing Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.  We need to teach children coping strategies so they can reach their full potential in life!


Here are 3 clues that I revealed about myself at the PBS Annual Meeting:

Clue #1:  It’s true, that in my crazy Italian family, Mister Rogers was that calming voice that looked right at “me” and told me that he liked me just the way I was and I believed him.   I followed in his footsteps and got my Master’s Degree in Child Development just like Fred did.

Clue #2:  I went into television to create programs learning taking a cue from Fred’s groundbreaking style and approach.  I just hope to do for kids today what Mister Rogers did for me.

Clue #3:  I am the result of PBS programming…it creates people like me who wish to grow up and educate children through media.


Celebrate the premiere of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood with us!

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