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After Sesame Street: What’s Next for Children’s TV?

“As a child, I was inspired by these ground-breaking shows. I felt seen through the screen with Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; as an adult, it was my dream to create an educational hit show that kids wanted to play along with…” Read the full article at Newsweek

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The New York Times

Mister Rogers Changed My Life

“I was that 4-year old who would sit in front of the television and talk to Mister Rogers every day. Mister Rogers liked me, just the way I was. I swore he was looking right at me. He smiled, explained things in a calm voice, and told me I was special…” Read the whole article on The New York Times.

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The 8 Biggest Lessons Creating Daniel Tiger Taught Me About Parenting Preschoolers

“Even adults can learn from quality preschool media, such as Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. It’s also important to remember that what is on the screen is far more important than the size of the screen…” Read the full article at Working Mother

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I admired Mr. Rogers as a mentor from afar — now I’m walking in his sneakers.

“Bringing Daniel to the world has been a love project and I knew would elevate Fred, once again, in 2017, as a voice that we all still need to hear. It has been nearly 50 years since that passionate plea to the U.S. Senate, and it would seem safe to assume that in such a length of time, so much would have changed.:” Read the full article at USA Today

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Here’s How Embracing Vulnerability Can Boost Your Well-being

“One of the most challenging ways to be kind to yourself is to be vulnerable in front of other people. This sounds counterintuitive but hear me out…” Read the full article at Thrive Global

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Setting the Record Straight: Positive Media Can Teach Kids

“Kari Henley’s recent post on “over-parenting” was overwhelmed by overstatements – especially her suggestion that kids who watch nurturing TV shows like those found on PBS are more likely to be bullies. Really?…” Read the full article on how Positive Media Can Teach Kids at HuffPost.


Articles & Podcasts featuring Angela & her children’s work


‘Blue’s Clues’ & ‘Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood’ Boss Breaks Down Research and ‘Radical Kindness’ for Kids’ Programming

“… Angela Santomero, 9 Story’s newly minted chief creative officer, may have cracked the code through a cocktail of research, interaction and education.” Read the complete interview at Variety

The Atlantic

The Daniel Tiger Doctrine

“There’s a particular type of parent whom Angela Santomero, the creator of a number of children’s shows including Blue’s Clues, Super Why!, and PBS’s Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood and author of Preschool Clues, encounters a lot: the guilty-feeling, screen time–loving parent” Read the complete interview at The Atlantic

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New York Times

PBS Is Going Back to the Neighborhood

“…All the important elements from the original show are returning. “What you saw in Fred was that he talked about feelings, he talked about difficult things…”  Read the complete interview at The New York Times.


A Different Kind of Tiger Mom

“What inspired you to go into children’s media? Was that always the plan? I wanted to combine the influential nature of television and media with the very best educational curriculum…”. Read the complete interview at Forbes.


‘Preschool Clues’ author Angela Santomero touts positive kids’ TV shows

“…Santomero is serious about creating positive, educationally-focused and fun shows rooted in early child development. She calls the late Fred Rogers her “mentor from afar,” noting she received a Master’s Degree in Child Developmental Psychology just like he did….”  Read the complete interview at  Newsday

Harvard Ed Podcast

Making Smart Choices in a Screen-Filled World

“When content is created with the intent to teach, and with the intent to empower kids, then we can move the needle,” Angela Santomero says. In this edition of the Harvard EdCast, Angela shares the inspirations behind her hit shows and talks about how parents can use television in smart and healthy ways…..”  Listen to the Podcast at the Harvard Ed Podcast

9 Story Media Group

Meet Chief Creative Officer Angela Santomero

“I constantly draw inspiration from kids. I observe, listen, want to play and watch what they are watching and how they are watching. I also challenge our dynamic industry as a leader – where we innovate, create groundbreaking series, and be the best…”  More at 9 Story Media Group

Working Mother

Angela’s interview on The Balance Project, a series of relevant and refreshingly candid interviews featuring inspiring and accomplished women talking about balance. Check out the interview.


9 Amazing Preschool Shows Developed by Early Learning Experts

“Visually appealing and packed with great messages about relationships and caring for others… Creator Angela Santomero (who developed Blue’s Clues) also believes that encouraging kids to participate in Arty’s artistic solutions is key…”. Read the full Salon article.

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Daniel Tiger: Won’t You Be His Neighbor?

“…Preschoolers squeal with excitement. Their eyes are trained on an animated tiger… peeking out of the TV at them. These 3- and 4-year-olds… sing along with the songs and laugh and mimic what the characters are doing onscreen…”. Read the full article on

Nick Animation Podcast

Angela Santomero and Traci Paige Johnson, co-creators of Blue’s Clues talk about how you really can “do anything that you want to do” with a clear animation vision and a commitment to getting every detail right.


8 Shows to Help Your Preschooler Learn

“Visually appealing and packed with great messages about relationships and caring for others… this fun series is sure to inspire your preschooler’s creativity.” Read the full article on

Diane Rehm

The Legacy of Mister Rogers

Angela joins Diane Rehm for a conversation about the enduring influence of Fred Rogers.

Blogher Interview

Blue’s Clues Creator Angela Santomero Launches Two Shows on Amazon 

“Angela is amazing, and we chat about everything from her first (human) female protagonist, to the ways the audience can have a say in her new series. Watch as we discuss everything from audience interaction to Fred Rogers and I make Angela cry.”

Fred Rogers Company

Spotlight on Angela C. Santomero

Spotlight on Angela C. Santomero – Creator & Executive Producer of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood.


Working at light speed for Amazon on Creative Galaxy

Making a show for Amazon is just like ordering a package from the online retailer, according to Angela Santomero, writer, producer and creator of the educational preschool series Creative Galaxy…”. 

Tilt Parenting Podcast

Angela talks about the unique ways that educational programming can support the development of social and emotional skills in differently-wired kids – such as kids with ADHD, Asperger’s, giftedness, twice-exceptionalities, sensory processing challenges and anxiety.

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The Wrap

Blue’s Clues Creator Angela Santomero Launches a Signature Show for Amazon

“Did you create this show for Amazon? I had the concept and a pilot for an art-themed show, and it was pretty clear Amazon was the best partner in terms of the curriculum…” Read the entire interview.

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Dandelion Moms

Inspirational Mom: Angela Santomero, Creator of Super Why

Angela talks about balancing work and home life while raising two children. Check out the interview.

The CuteMonster Show

Angela talks about her childhood influences, her creative process developing a show, and her thoughts about the future of children’s media.

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Books which discuss Angela & her shows

The Tipping Point

By Malcolm Gladwell

Blue’s Clues may be one of the stickiest TV shows EVER made.”

Tipping POint book

Media Exposure During Infancy and Early Childhood

Edited by: Rachel Barr & Deborah Nichols Linebarger

“Is Preschool Programming Educational? If created with the intent to teach and by utilizing the tenets of educational preschool curriculum. media can indeed have an immediate and lasting effect on education.”

Blue’s Clues for Success: The 8 Secrets Behind a Phenomenal Business

By Diane Tracey

Looks at the success of the children’s television program “Blue’s Clues” and describes how to apply the management principles of the show to other businesses.

Tipping POint book

MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY: Researching Blue's Clues: Viewing Behavior & Impact

By Dr. Daniel R. Anderson et al.

“A longitudinal study comparing children who regularly watched Blue’s Clues to demographically similar children who could not receive the program indicated that the program had a positive impact on cognitive development.”