On Blue’s Clues, we intentionally designed our female puppy the color blue. Yes, a girl. And yes, blue. This still amazes plenty of people (especially the older set) upon realization of that little tidbit! We wanted to challenge preconceived notions that things don’t have to be a certain way, regardless of gender or any popular opinion for that matter.

When we categorize or generalize anything, we tend to put limitations on it or reign in our expectations for it. Needless to say, this is a definite no-no in the pursuit of raising an emotionally healthy child.

The problem is that I like personalization and every so often I’ll add an accessory or two with a splash of pink. So should this pink tool set upset me?

If I’m using a hammer or screwdriver in front of my girls does it matter if it just so happens to match my T-shirt? I’m still modeling the strong, can-do woman that doesn’t need a dude to come home and fix it for little ol’ me, aren’t I?

Perhaps since my kids who played with traditionally colored Tinkertoys, have aged out of the Disney princess stage, it’s less apparent to me now. But especially at an age when they’re spending much longer periods of time interacting with their peers and a variety of adults…now is definitely not the time for me to let my guard down!

If anything, these pretty little tools should be a simple reminder that my kids should be raised to pursue a limitless future for themselves and NOT one defined by their gender.