Angela's Clues Puppy Love

My kids have been begging for a dog for the last 5 yrs and though my husband and I love dogs, when our 15-year old beloved pug died when my youngest was barely 2, I had had enough of dealing with kids and pets and all their collective messes, demands and needs.  I thought I came up with a great compromise; that we would dog-sit for other people’s dogs (and we do quite regularly) but they still campaign for their own pooch….daily.

But as the kids have gotten older, we began quietly wondering if we might be depriving them of on an important childhood experience and if getting a dog might actually make them more responsible by giving them some daily care responsibilities that will not be easily forgotten (or will at least have very real noisy/messy/smelly consequences to remind them for next time when they do).

We recently mentioned to the kids that we were “thinking about getting a puppy,” which for your own future reference directly translates into “we’re getting a puppy!!!!” in kid-speak.

And so it begins.  I am taking on the acquisition of this newest family member very seriously.  I am determined to do this right!

Bringing home a new puppy is a big deal, so I invite you to follow us on our journey; through research, acquisition, love and adorableness, training, mistakes and whatever else may come.

Stay tuned…