The television producer, Sherwood Schwartz passed away yesterday.  I never met him but growing up in suburban New Jersey, as he did, I leant on his Bradys for solace more often than just time to time.

Yes, The Brady Bunch was about as campy as any John Waters film and the roles were a tad stereotypical.  But for me, when the pre-adolescent pressures of life felt quite heavy, it was nice to see an environment where everyone got along…at least before closing credits rolled.  It was also helpful to see that problems, which were often similar to my own, were being struggled with and that they did have solutions.  As mine would as well.

I understand the issues that critics have with Schwartz’s work but I owe him my most sincere gratitude for showing me and the rest of the world that positivity trumps negativity any day.

RIP Mr. Schwartz