“Super Why!” (a preschooler show that promotes reading) was created by Angela Santomero, who also created “Blues Clues” – which I didn’t know (which was embarrassing). Santomero is one of the new breed of children’s television creators who know how to promote the curriculum-based content of these shows to worried parents. As I’ve written many times before, this is a golden age of children’s programming (“Blue Clues” is a classic…but you knew that…and I knew that, even if I didn’t know that Santomero created it) and so much of what’s going on the air is infused with learning-based ideas. So don’t fear for you kids.

I’ll review “Super Why!” at a later date and probably do something with Santomero, who is wonderful at articulating the merits of early learning through television. (She actually developed “Super Why!” as her thesis project in college but launched “Blues Clues” first. Maybe I didn’t know this because she doesn’t look old enough to have a megahit series under her belt, much less two kids.)