Angela Santomero is a founding partner of Out of the Blue Enterprises LLC. As one of the Founding Partners, Angela oversees the creative development of all of Out of the Blue’s projects, with a mission and vision to bring educational entertainment to a whole new level.

For the past 10 years, Angela has been the production and creative head of Nick Jr.’s landmark series, Blue’s Clues. She spearheads all aspects of Blue’s Clues from the initial conceptualization to creating the Blue’s Clues brand. Angela’s ability to integrate education, entertainment and active participation has helped make Blue’s Clues a breakthrough educational program. Under her guidance, Blue’s Clues has forever changed the way in which preschoolers watch television, by presenting them with a unique, challenging program than enables them to learn through play.

Angela’s new creation is Super Why! – a literacy series for kids 3-6 year old which has a 65 episode commitment from PBS Kids. Super Why received a prestigious Ready to Learn grant from the Department of Education.

Angela’s credits include writing and producing: numerous Emmy nominated episodes for Blue’s Clues; Blue’s Big Musical Movie; educational Blue’s Clues CD-Roms and Blue’s Clues books for Simon & Schuster. Angela has also co-created and written Blue’s Room, the Blue’s Clues spin-off television show for Nick Jr.

Angela received a Master’s degree in Child Developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University and a B.A. from Catholic University.