My mission is to empower, challenge and build the self esteem of preschoolers, while making them laugh. Blue’s Clues was my first foray into creating a show that meets my vision and mission. Each one of my shows has a specific motivation to better the world, one preschooler at a time.

Blue’s Clues

Blue’s Clues is an interactive “game show” for preschoolers drenched in kindergarten readiness skills. The show took off and became an instant mega hit and was also proven to teach by the University of Alabama. Kids who watched Blue’s Clues scored statistically significantly better on standardized reading tests than kids who did not watch (Jennings Bryant, research study).

Blue’s Clues has also been cited in numerous educational articles and studies (Dr. Dan Anderson; et al) and in Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book, The Tipping Point.

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Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is all about giving parents strategies with a handle – they are easy to grasp by parents and kids, themselves that help them with everyday problems. Eric Ramussen from the University of Texas did a study on Daniel and proved that kids learned the socio-emotional lessons we teach in each episode.

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Wishenpoof is one step beyond Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – it’s socio emotional skills needed to solve problems around executive functioning skills. Based on Ellen Galinsky’s Mind in the Making book, these are the skills that kids need.

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Bianca from Wishenpoof
Super Why!

Super Why!

Super Why is my Masters Thesis as an answer to use media to inspire kids to read. Research says that watching TV (and all screens) takes time away from reading so Super Why was created to not only inspire kids to love to read, but also use reading as a resource for life.

In doing so, we created Super Hero Characters who each have a reading super power, with the home viewer having the “power to help”. This way, kids are invested and involved in interactively solving the reading games that propels each episode forward. Kids come away from the tv show practicing key literacy skills that they need to learn (and love) to read. Funded by PBS, CPB and the Department of Education, Super Why was proven by University of Pennsylvania at Annenburg to teach kids to read. Kids who watched Super Why scored statistically significantly better on standardized reading tests than kids who did not watch.

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Creative Galaxy

Creative Galaxy is created to be a “view and do” show. We want to use screen time to inspire kids to get up close and personal with art, model different crafts; and get up close and personal in animation to show different art theories and even expose preschoolers to the “Masters” in art and an expansive creative vocabulary (words like pointillism, art installation, etc).

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