Hey, we’ve all been there.  Moms & Dads, when nature calls, it calls.  But why is it typically just after we’ve taken our kids to the restroom AND in some remote location?  We need to thank the folks at www.ohdeedoh.com for pointing us to this latest gem.

Danika Landers & Jonathan Glanz came up with the idea behind Sit or Squat in Oct 2007 and it’s evolved from there. One can search for their nearest restroom or simply add to the database that spans the globe.

Is time of the essence?   There’s no need to open the app on your phone then. Simply text the word “sitorsquat” to DOTCOM (368266) & it’ll show you your nearest bathroom.

Pushing the limits of technology!

(side note: sponsor is none other than Charmin…we don’t make this stuff up)