I must come clean. Much to the dismay of my wife, I wear my clothes until they themselves decide to be thrown out by virtually disintegrating off my body. Especially those beneath my outerwear, for the obvious visibility (or lack thereof) reasons. Such is the case that brought me to the underwear section at the local mall. And there it was…in all my 43 years, something I’ve never seen.

A burly sort of cotton T, but snug like a corset. I honestly looked around, to confirm that I didn’t drift into the maternity section. But then I noticed the sign resting beside a pile of these slimming, yet manly articles of clothing. “Manx – Spanx for Men

Wow, but then again why “wow”? I never had that reaction when I saw the women’s Spanx but Spanx for Men seemed rather confusing and not quite right. I’m the last to be labeled sexist…or am I? I couldn’t see myself squeezing into some sort of sausage T (can’t even wrap my head around the briefs). And especially as a parent, I want my girls to be happy with what they’ve got and not need to disguise. But then again, I go to the gym a few days a week to feel and look healthy. Is there a huge difference? So much to think about this weekend or perhaps it’s this cold medicine that’s taking my thoughts adrift. Feel free to chime in.