Dave Isay, producer of StoryCorps, has had a desire from the age of thirteen to preserve loved ones’ stories. The StoryCorps oral history project allows you to do just that.  There is no time like the present to listen and hold onto the stories that often play a large part in who we are.StoryCorps book

Such inspiring and moving stories of humanity teach us to slow down to listen not only to our aged family members, whose stories usually go unrecorded, but also to focus on our kids to really respect their words. And in turn this will undoubtedly strengthen who they are. So step into one of his booths, which are located around the country, for 40 minutes to interview someone you love.

Click HERE to find a booth near you or to get more info on StoryCorps because everyone’s got a great story to tell.

[See my interview with Dave Isay on PBS.org]