Summer slide got you worried? Well, I’ve always said that quality media can help kids continue to learn outside of the school environment. So today, I’m going to briefly share some activities that we’ve pulled directly from a few of my shows to continue that learning and summer F-U-N! Enjoy!

Blue’s Clues Blues-Clues-train    
• Cyclone Experiment: Need 2 plastic bottles, water, and tape. Add water into 1 plastic bottle, tape the place where both lids together, and then shake the bottles until the water makes a swirly motion.
• Make a Sensory Train: Blue wants to experiences different the senses – Clues are a box, a flashlight, and the sound “Choo-choo”and all together they can build a train with the boxes for the train cars, the light for the first train car to see where the train is going, an the sound “Choo-choo” for the whistle.

Creative Galaxy
• Treasure Box: build a treasure box out of popsicle sticks like Arty at his Art-y Party
• Veggie Art: Chef Zesty shows Arty how to use vegetables to make dye for coloring eggs!
• Make Pom Pom Bugs like Arty in the very first episode of Creative Galaxy. Creative-Galaxy-Pom-Poms Pro-tip: use the left over pom poms as a new way to paint and see what happens when you mix primary colors!
Tissue Paper Flowers: Captain Paper shows Arty how to make flowers out of tissue paper that won’t make his friend Annie sneeze

Super Why
super-why-museum Wonder Red’s Freeze Dance Rhyming: Make a list of words that rhyme like -all words (wall, tall, ball, etc.) & then a list of other fun words that don’t rhyme with -all. Cut them all up and put them in a basket. Play music and bust a groove while you pull words from the basket. If it’s an -all word you freeze! It it’s a non-rhyming word – keep dancing!
Curate an Art Museum: Create an art adventure just like Zora! Make an art show by creating his own masterpieces to fill and transform a room in your home into an art museum.

Build a rocket: When Bianca’s teacher challenges the student to explore their passion, Bianca is eager to learn more about outer space is is so inspired that she decides to build her very own rocket – without Wish Magic! With support from her Dad, and a whole lot of work, Bianca turns her passion for outer space into a fantastic project. Wishenpoof-rocket
Bake a cake: Bianca decides to welcome her Fairy Grandma coming to visit with a rainbow cake
Yarn Bracelets: Bianca is excited for “Big Ideas Day” at school and creates yarn bracelets to trade with the rest of the students

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
daniel-tiger-smoothie • Banana Swirl: Get inspired from our favorite friends in the Neighborhood and whip Daniel Tiger’s favorite treat: Banana Swirl! Just blended frozen bananas!
• Garden Trip: The Tiger family is making stawberry pancakes for breakfast but are out of strawberries, Mom, Dad, and Daniel take a trip to the Enchanted Garden. Replicate at home with trip to the garden to pick their own strawberries and learn about how these berries and other fruits and veggies grow- replicate with a trip to a community garden or farmer’s market.
• Try new foods: Go to a vegetable garden or market and pick out new things to try! Recreate vegetable spaghetti or the banana swirl that Daniel tried! Bonus: you can take the songs from the episode right along with you “Try a new food, it might taste good!”

If you’d like the full directions on any of these activities, simply Google away to preview the clip. Share your photos of completed crafts so that I can post a few of them right here. Happy summer everyone!