With the Super Bowl about to kick off a few hours from now, I can’t help but reflect on my gridiron days. I was that high school football captain with his name in the papers on Monday, my cheerleader girlfriend walking around with my lettermen jacket and college scouts from respectable universities filling my head with how good I was and why I should attend their school. Kenny Ortega would have a field day with the film adaptation!

Truth of the matter is, while I played ball through my college years, I chose a different path moving forward. While this early decision was mostly due to my reluctance to pump my body with GH and other anabolics to keep up with the pack, I’d like to think there was a bigger plan.

As an involved parent, the papers don’t know who you are, nobody outside your home tells you how great you are and you’re probably not making $26.5 million like Eli Manning. Sure, I wouldn’t mind sampling a little bit of each from time to time but when you become a parent, you shouldn’t need nor expect the accolades. While I’m sure a Super Bowl ring is impressive, I think to play such a part in supplying the world with two conscientious, smart, fun and caring women is a bit cooler to me at this stage of my life.

Enjoy the game and cheers to those that work hard to put good out there!