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Is today the day that preschool TV could be considered..dare I say it..



When I’m at a red carpet event, flooded with flashing lights & flowing gowns, it’s become customary that when I finally approach the photographers’ line, they decide to switch their memory cards or the old school photographers (those who’ve attended a Flock of Seagulls concert or earlier) will take that time to change their cameras’ film.


By now, I get it. If Kindergarten is but a memory, my cast of characters are no longer “cool” to you.

I’ve learned to become comfortable with this..



But now that a “name” like fun.’s Jack Antonoff has shared his creativity with our team, which previously has only been famous to the juice box set, we’re in Billboard & Rolling Stone!

Like a turn on the swings, you take it when you can get it!

Here’s hoping our new “cool” will push beyond our 15 minutes.



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