Yes, that’s me.


And mind you, I am thrilled to be nominated!  Really.  It’s an honor.


That being said…. 😉


My shows have been nominated for Emmy awards since 1997 with Blue’s Clues for Outstanding Preschool Series and then again for Blue’s Room and then again for Super Why.  Once Blue’s Clues and Super Why! were both nominated at the same time, in the same category…against Sesame Street.  And guess who won for the 40th year in a row?  And yes, I love Sesame but still…


So, here’s to 2012 giving us our 1st Emmy win!  I owe so much to PBS Kids, our fabulous production teams, writing, animation, research and my mom to bring home the win…


But, I do know that it is not what is important.  Teaching kids to read through media, teaching them kindergarten readiness skills and having them feel great about themselves is what is important.


But still…


I wouldn’t mind just once, hearing our name read from that freshly opened envelope. I’d take a slow walk up to that podium in a gown that makes me feel like a movie star for the night, determined to deliver my most heartfelt acceptance.

Just once.
(Oh, did I mention we almost named our puppy “Emmy”, just to be able to say that I have one?!)