Act like a man

Act like a man! What does that even mean? Especially today.   It means A LOT. Especially since I have two daughters.   It definitely doesn’t mean what I thought it meant when I was making that mysterious transformation, into becoming a man....

Dad Knows More than Siri

“I don’t need you anymore Dad.” Seriously. That’s what my (newly) 10 year old told me yesterday afternoon! I was, according to her, “too busy” when she returned home from school. Working from home has allowed me to be privy to the...

To Dads

Happy Father’s Day! Source: via on Pinterest   Thank you Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads who take their title seriously!

Why Does Dad Need to Take His Child to School?

Who knew that Dads Take Your Child to School Day was in fact, today? Or that there was actually a day set aside for it? Last year 9,000 New York dads/significant male caregivers participated. That being the case, get involved whenever you can & however you can!...

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