American Idol Bound!

Our youngest turns 8 years old today.  1/2 way to 16 (sigh). While many family movies should often be restricted to just that audience, we uncovered the following (from when she turned 3) & we couldn’t/shouldn’t hold back. Enjoy!

A Straphanger Mom’s Longest 7 seconds

Our friend, Laura, shares a personal story that we can learn a thing or two from… We are city folks, for better or worse.  Our entire family travels to school and work every day by subway.  As a mom of 2, I have been carting my kids to and fro via mass transit...

RIP Sherwood Schwartz

The television producer, Sherwood Schwartz passed away yesterday.  I never met him but growing up in suburban New Jersey, as he did, I leant on his Bradys for solace more often than just time to time. Yes, The Brady Bunch was about as campy as any John Waters film and...

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