Along with decades of experience creating and producing award-winning educational content for kids, I am a public speaker and author that is passionate about children’s media..with a child developmental background to back up my beliefs. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of accepting invitations for appropriate talks and media appearances throughout the globe.

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Upcoming Talks & Appearances

KIDSCREEN – Exploring Every Angle in Kids Entertainment – Feb 10, 2020

Groundwork for Growth: Setting New Creators Up to Succeed; 4p

Miami, FL

MIPCOM – The World’s Entertainment Content Market – Oct  2020

Session TBA

Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France

Angela has given speeches & keynotes at:

  • AdWeek
  • Annual International Children’s Media Conference (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Columbia University Teacher’s College – 125th anniversary
  • Fred Forward Conference
  • The Fred Rogers Oral History Project
  • Kidscreen Summit
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children Conference
  • NY Women in Communications Matrix Awards
  • PBS Annual Meeting
  • SXSW
  • Television Critics Association Press Tour
  • US Senate – The Value of Public Media in Education hearing
  • Youth Media Alliance Conference – Keynote Address
  • Blogher Conference
  • Mom 2.0
  • SheStreams
  • Silicon Valley Moms Group


  • Amazon
  • CNN
  • Fox News
  • Good Day New York
  • NBC News
  • PBS
  • Sirus XM Radio
  • Today Show

Previous Talks & Appearances

MIPCOM – The World’s Entertainment Content Market – Oct  2020

Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France


KIDSCREEN – Exploring Every Angle in Kids Entertainment – Feb 10

Groundwork for Growth: Setting New Creators Up to Succeed; 4p

Miami, FL


The Daily Briefing w/ Dana Perino– Nov 29, 2019

FOX News

New York, NY


MIPCOM – The World’s Entertainment Content Market – Oct 14

Palais des Festivals, Cannes, France


AdventHealth’s LIV Women’s Health Conference – Sept 27

Overland Park Convention Center

Overland Park, KS

 Public Media Development & Marketing Conf. – July 11


Dallas, TX

More Info


“Edutainment: How Do You Create a Cartoon for Educational Purposes?” – June 14

Annecy, France – Annecy Festival


“BTS Look” – PBS Annual Meeting – May 30

Nashville, TN


“Everything You Need to Know to Make Great Children’s TV” Children’s Media Assoc. – May 23

NYC – Sesame Workshop

1900 Broadway-8th Floor, NYC


Child Mind Institute

Child Mind Institute Spring Luncheon on Raising Kinder Kids – May 22

New York, NY


An Evening with Angela Santomero – May 15

NYC – Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

334 Amsterdam Ave, NYC; New York, NY


KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Help Me Grow National Forum – May 7

Buffalo, NY



Nat’l PBS Radical Kindness Tour – MarchFox Santomero

3/3 N.California KQED-NPR
3/4 FOX Business Network / LINK  
3/4 Cheddar Network / LINK
3/5 Atlanta WPBA
3/8 Tampa WEDU
3/9 Buffalo WNED
3/10 Toledo WGTE
3/11 Detroit DPTV
3/14 Dallas KERA


Anguilla Public Library – Jan 3, 2019

Book Reading & Signing

Albert Lake Dr, The Quarter 2640, Anguilla


Kidscreen-2019-SantomeroKidscreen SUMMIT – Feb 12, 2019

Death of Reboots? Exploring the future of nostalgia in a fractured media reality

Miami, FL; InterContinental


HuffPost-SantomeroHuffPost Parents Conference – Nov 2, 2018

How to Raise a Screen-Savvy Kid 

Brooklyn, New York – The William Vale



MIPCOM – Oct 13

The Creators’ Super Panel

Cannes, France


Keynote at KidLib Camp 10 Year Anniversary – Aug 2 

Darien, CT


Midday on WNYC –  July 20 

New York, NY

How Much Screen Time Should Kids Really Have?



Mom 2.0 Summit –  May 3rd 

Los Angeles, CA

The NoGuilt Screen Time SolutionHow to approach screen time and how to create a healthy media diet for kids


Kidscreen Summit ’18 – Oct 14

Miami, FL

Speaking at “Netflix’s New-School Preschool


Keynote at 125th Anniversary – Feb 13

Catholic University Dept.of Psychology – Washington, DC


Nat’l Radio Satellite Tour – April

“The Brian Kilmeade Show” / FOX Radio / LINK

 “Randy Meyer” / InfoTrak Syndication

“Charles Lee” / Groks Science Show

 Cincinnati, OH / WKRC-AM / “Morning Show” / LINK

Des Moines, IA / WMT-AM / “Morning Show”

Michigan / Michigan Radio (NPR) / “Morning Edition”

Philadelphia, PA / WPHT-AM / “Chris Stigall Show” / LINK

Cleveland, OH / WEOL-AM / “Bruce Van Dyke Show”

Boston, MA / WATD-FM / “Morning News”

Orlando, FL / WOCA-AM/FM / “Larry Whitler Show” / LINK

Florida / Florida NPR/PBS / “Morning Show”

Pittsburgh, PA / WISR-AM / “Dave Malarkey Show” / LINK

Toledo, OH / WFIN-AM / “Morning Show”

St. Louis, MO / KFRU-AM / “David Lile Show”

Nashville, TN / WPRT-FM / “Dr. Alvin Jones Show” / LINK

Miami, FL / WIOD-AM / “Brian Mudd Show”

Los Angeles, CA / KMET-AM / “Morning Show” / LINK

Washington, DC / WSVA-AM / “Mike Schikman” / LINK

Michigan / WGVU-FM / “Morning Show”

Doug Miles Media / Podcast / LINK

Tom Barnard Show / Podcast / LINK

“Mom Talk Radio” / LINK

San Francisco, CA / KGO-AM / “Ethan Bearman”

Suggested Speaking Topics

While I’ve spoken on a vast amount of subjects over the years, here are a few interesting topics from recent talks:

The Universal Truths of Preschoolers

The preschool years are some of the most critical for brain development, often with lifelong consequences. While preschoolers are different from one another in how they grow and develop and individual learning styles, there are many aspects of child development that are universally the same. Step into the world of preschoolers through a set of development-based universal truths that are common to every preschooler.

Through these commonalities she has developed a universal language to engage, inspire and connect with children during this critical growth phase. Angela shares the secrets of her success in empowering and engaging preschoolers such as the “Power of the Pause” and dramatic play, along with how we – as parents, educators, creators and technologists – can leverage these to give our youngest generation the strongest start.

What would Daniel Tiger do?

Angela’s Clues help you to understand and connect with preschoolers with help from the characters they love.

After creating some of the “stickiest” (according to The Tipping Point), development-based, educational characters in the history of television, Angela knows preschoolers. And preschoolers, in turn, know and love the results of her creations: the fun, engaging characters that were made to grow, develop and interact with preschoolers using what Angela has discovered are the universal truths that preschoolers all share.

Based on these truths and what her background in media and child development has taught her, Angela has created Angela’s Clues – 11 secrets her characters can offer parents and educators to help them connect with preschoolers. In this talk she shares actionable clues for engagement that understands, respects and nourishes the learning needs of all preschoolers, and offers ways to see the spark; be involved; and ask questions for each clue.

Angela’s Clues: How to engage, inspire, involve and challenge preschoolers

Follow Blue’s, Daniel Tiger’s and Angela’s Clues to an imaginative, playful world where the preschoolers you know are excited to be – and you will be too.

With 25 years of experience researching, experimenting and testing the ways that preschoolers best experience the world, Angela Santomero has learned a little something about interacting meaningfully with kids.

From how to stimulate dramatic play to developing empathy to methods of question-asking that inspire engagement, the creator of shows such as Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood shares her in-depth framework including Angela’s own “clues” to help parents, educators and anyone working with preschoolers to create lasting bonds and grow positively. Expect to gain practical insight into not only how preschoolers learn, but also how to choose the right media to stimulate and reinforce what you’re teaching off-screen, and vice-versa.

The No Guilt Screen Time Solution

Angela’s Clues for understanding screen time and designing a healthy media diet for kids

Should preschoolers be using screens and watching TV? And if so, which shows are the right ones? How can busy parents be sure their kids are getting the right doses of healthy media instead of being “brainwashed” as so many parents fear? They are questions common to so many of today’s parents of preschoolers, navigating what is still a minefield of media options – yet the answers are hard to find. This is particularly evident to Angela Santomero, a child development expert and creator of education children’s media such as Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – who gets questions like these All. The. Time.

Kids TV and internet apps aren’t going away. So here’s what you need to know.

Like the diets our children are fed, there are healthy choices and less healthy choices, and there are ingredients that boost brain development, learning and foster skills such as critical thinking and good communication. In this talk, Angela offers science-based, practical and educational ways to solve the screen time conundrum – as well as how to align home, childcare and media to raise healthy preschoolers.

Play, pause, repeat: How to feed your preschooler a healthy media diet

All media is on some level educational – the question is what is it teaching? In the age of screen time, parents are increasingly left not only wondering what each program, game and app is actually teaching their children – but also with a deep sense of guilt for not knowing how to navigate this playing field.

With her academic background in child development coupled with 25 years of experience producing award-winning educational television programs for preschoolers, Angela Santomero is uniquely able to advise parents on not only navigating the media minefield of preschool programming, but also on how to program their own parenting to match their children’s brain development and learning capacity. In this talk, Angela shares actionable insights into the science behind quality preschool programming and actionable tips on how parents can use this at home.

Creating connected experiences for modern preschoolers

The isolation and disconnectedness that ‘screen time’ may foster is consistently raised as a concern in the media and in parenting and educational circles. There is fear, there is guilt and, especially, there is a sea of conflicting information floating around about whether any of it is ‘good’ or at least ‘acceptable’ for child development. The language in these questions becomes increasingly troubled when concerning the youngest group of online kids: preschoolers.

From what began as a career in children’s television research and writing, Angela Santomero’s life work has become developing healthier, happier preschoolers and helping to answer these questions. Through studying child development, media and through focus groups, Angela has become a passionate advocate for creating connected experiences for preschoolers that embrace their needs across all areas of their lives, whether at home, at play or online through a healthy media diet. In this talk, Angela shares how to connect screen time with play time and parenting time, including her science-based framework to help inspire, challenge and engage preschoolers for lasting, positive interaction with the world.


If you’d like to learn more about having Angela speak at your upcoming event, contact us.

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