3 teachers, 3 clues I learned…

On teacher appreciation day (Tues 5/8), I usually think back on my most inspiring teachers, wishing that I could thank them for everything they taught me:

Mr. Walker from Harrington Park Elementary School:
He taught me to write from my heart.  I learned to use writing as a powerful tool to express my point of view.

Mister Fred Rogers:
He taught me, through television, that I can believe in myself.  I also learned how powerful an educational tool television can be.

Dr Rosemarie Truglio at Teachers College, Columbia University (now at Sesame Workshop) taught me about the research on children and television as well as how to maximize the creative to teach.  She gave me the confidence to write my first show, The Magic Library, which turned into PBS’ Super Why!.

What makes the great teachers great is pretty simple to list but it comes with incredible characteristics that would better any parent as well. After all, a strong correlation exists between the growth that goes on inside a home & the learning the continues outside of it.

My list of traits to be an effective teacher, which also holds true to be a great parent, would include the following:

Belief, Care & Respect for their students & a Strong Understanding of who they are
Passion for their work
Creative & Flexible method of teaching

So, go hug a teacher, and thank them for everything they do!