As a creator of childrens television programs, a reviewer can be your best or worst friend.  It seems that kids tv is the last thing reviewers want to talk about.  It’s not as sexy or interesting to them as say, reviewing the season premiere of Modern Family.

Every once in a while you meet a reviewer like Tim Goodman.  Tim understands and appreciates the vision behind educating children through television.  He asks great questions and sees the value of a solid curriculum married with great stories, characters kids love and good humor.  As the Chief TV Critic for The Hollywood Reporter, Tim would like parents to read his reviews and make choices for themselves about what kinds of shows they are opening the door for their children to play with.  I still have the review that Tim wrote when we premiered Super Why!

So, as an avid viewer of Modern Family, I get it.  But I always want to meet the critics who can help me spread the word about my shows so we can empower kids who will strengthen our next generation!  Well, Tim and I met up at this year’s Television Critics Press Tour in Pasadena, CA and we chatted about the blueprint for good tv, viewing tv from a child’s perspective and shutting it off if it doesn’t sit well with us.  See my interview with Tim Goodman on and let me know what you think!