Throughout the blogosphere I’ve met some wonderfully talented, intelligent and creative people who have their own unique voice and something to share. My favorite relationships are those that are based on mutual respect. Lately, I’ve been corresponding with Kia Robertson,  a woman whose philosophy on nutrition and healthy eating I feel strongly about and equally share.

Kia had recently sent me her latest, a Today I Ate A Rainbow! kit, which allows children to monitor their progress within their quest to eat well. This is all done in a fun, intuitive and informative way with the assistance of charts, magnets, shopping lists and illustrated books. We all know that kids yearn for order, repetition and to be challenged, so Kia skillfully incorporates this into the Today I Ate A Rainbow! kit.

Should you have a picky eater at home or if you simply want a fun way for your kids to instill and nurture lifelong healthy eating habits, this kit will undoubtedly assist in that process.