Repetition is the key to learning.


Everytime I write a script or create a curriculum for one of my shows, it always has repetition in it as a main pillar for success.  If you notice, the layers of our games are repeated.  The layers are different, they start with an easier educational concept and then gradually get harder.  But they are repeated.  Why?  Because careful repetition = mastery.

So, as a mom, why can’t I remember that?  Seriously, I think it would give me a new found sense of calm if I remembered that.  If I remembered, maybe I would be okay with the fact that every time (and I mean every time) my kids take a shower, my primary role is to shift into broken record mode: “Remember, wash your hair. With shampoo. Then rinse it. With water. Now use body wash. And rinse it. Yes…with water.”