Ok, so I’m started to put my learning into practice.

Singing helps.  So, our girls started to write down their feelings to create their own songs.

It’s been such a positive way for them to express all of the feelings that they have – being all of 7 and 10 years old.  But, it’s true, singing helps the time move faster when we want it to and can help us time travel back to a special time in our lives (I know exactly where I was when I sang Jessie’s Girl over and over again).

Writing down your feelings and creating lyrics that you can sing – -is very empowering.  Angry?  Sing it loudly!  Upset?  Sing it solemnly.  Happy?  Sing it celebratory!  The lyrics have also give me an insight into what my girls are thinking about.  I’m loving this …. and I think they are too!

(If Hope let’s me I will have her “publish” one of her songs!)