I’ve been doing yoga on and off for about ten years now and aside from balance, inner peace and sweatpants that properly fit, I’ve grown to understand one thing from my practice:

A man must come prepared to do what he needs to do regardless of being the only dude in a female filled room

I’ll admit that my 1st time I pulled a u-turn upon entering the yoga studio and my 2nd time I honestly checked my shirt to see if it read “philanderer” as I stumbled into this zen coffee klatsch. Over the years I’ve grown to love it and honestly appreciate this non-machismo energy.

But then a female friend passed it onto me…


Yoga for men

I’ve grown to enjoy the way it was. Hell, I’ve even gained acceptance by being asked to spot during Shirsasanas every now and then. But does this “Broga” mean I’m out of the club now?

I can’t grunt, groan and talk about the big game while on my pilgrimage to nirvana! As much as we moan about you gals from time to time I like the “taking care of me” part and non-selfless questions like “what do I need?” that your gender has taught me to ask myself.

I bet they don’t even use foam mats in Broga!