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Angela Santomero, Creator of

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“Angela is carrying on Fred’s legacy with her work in children’s media—a modern-day Fred Rogers.”


Wife to the late Mister Rogers

Helping you guide your kids

What if the secrets to your preschooler’s success could be found in their favorite TV shows? In Preschool Clues, Angela Santomero shares the secret sauce behind her shows’ powerful results in the form of 11 research-based “clues” to ensure that preschoolers flourish academically, socially, and emotionally during this formative time.

Advance Praise

Leave it to the genius behind Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Angela Santomero, to translate her knowledge of child development research into the ultimate parenting book.

- Ellen Galinsky

Author, Mind in the Making

Preschool Clues brings great & fun parenting insights from the eyes of a thoughtful, child-centred famous TV producer.


Media Entrepreneur, Katapult Co-Founder & Oxygen Media Founder

Media Tips for Parents

Articles, videos and more to help you do your best at the hardest job there is.

3 Reasons to Pause Like Daniel Tiger

The pause that Daniel Tiger takes is intentional. It also serves as a strong strategy for parents assisting in their child’s development. I believe in this so much that I’m giving my book, Preschool Clues, away right here. See for yourself!

Mom 2.0 Recap

Bloggers, Mammas, Movers, Shakers, and Awe-Inspiring Change Makers. From the 10 Year Anniversary of Mom 2.0 Summit one thing is clear…The Future is Female.  From meeting the inspiring rockstar that is Brene Brown who dared us to DARE GREATLY, meeting the the lovely...

“The words we use and the way we use them have the power to positively contribute to a preschooler’s brain development.”

— Angela Santomero

Preschool Clues

Hi! It’s me, Angela

Along with being a mom, I’m the creator of many of your preschoolers favorite television shows

I have a masters in Child Developmental Psychology, and I’ve been applying everything I know to making media that helps kids learn, develop and grow. And that parents can trust.

Check out my blog for tips on nurturing the best in kids. I also love to share what I know in guest appearances on shows and podcasts, and I give talks on child development and how media affects children.

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